WeChat QR Code

1 minute read Published: 2021-10-21

Scan with WeChat.

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POC14 Local Native Demo on macOS - from Installation to Syncing

1 minute read Published: 2020-10-31
Install Local Native browser extension for Firefox and Chrome
Install Local Native macOS desktop application

Search by query and filter by time range
Syncing Local Native desktop with another mobile device

POC13 rustup - Cargo - IntelliJ Rust Plugin

1 minute read Published: 2020-09-15
cargo build

POC10 Git clone localnative Code Repo

1 minute read Published: 2020-09-12
# dotfiles
source "$HOME/.homesick/repos/homeshick/homeshick.sh"
homeshick link
mr u

# config git
git config --global user.name "your name"
git config --global user.email  "email@example.com"
less .gitconfig
vim .gitconfig

# clone code repo
mkdir -p repos/localnative
cd repos/localnative
git clone git@gitlab.com:localnative/localnative.git
tree -L 2 localnative