POC12 Mac Settings - Primary Display and Date

1 minute read Published: 2020-09-14

POC11 Mac Settings - Show Hidden Files and iTerm2 Panel etc

1 minute read Published: 2020-09-13
Finder - Show all filename extensions

Finder - Copy selected path

Shell - Paste path 

Shell - Show hidden files in list view
    ls -lart

Finder - Toggle hidden files

Vim - Cursor movement
    h j k l

iTerm2 - Color presets

Shell - Show current directory

iTerm2 - Reuse previous session's directory

iTerm2 - Split pane

iTerm2 - Go to other pane

iTerm2 - Close pane

iTerm2 - Toggle full screen

iTerm2 - Toggle maximize a pane

Shell - Exit

POC7 Mac Settings - FileVault etc

1 minute read Published: 2020-09-09
Sound - Show volume in menu bar
Input - Add Pinyin
Display - Turn off separate spaces to allow window span multiple monitors
FileVault - Create a recovery key

POC6 Mac Settings - Dock and Trackpad etc

1 minute read Published: 2020-09-08
Dock - Size and automatically hide
Trackpad - Tap to click and scroll direction
Trackpad - Enable three finger drag
Display - Enable night shift
Spotlight - Adjust search results
Finder - Change new windows preference